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A Level Health and Social Care

A Level Health and Social Care

If you are thinking of a career in the Health, Social Care or Early Years sectors, then an A Level in Health and Social Care (Double Award) could be the right qualification for you.

Even if you are unsure of the career path you wish to take, this is a good course to study because it covers a mix of subjects and will equip you with skills that will be welcomed by universities and employers no matter what you choose to do. You may start out thinking that you like one area of work but once you learn about other areas you may find that your interests change. This is because the A Level will raise your awareness of the range of rewarding career opportunities that exist.

What our students say..."My favourite subject at college is Health and Social Care as the number of different topics we study are interesting and relate to my career aims. I also like the mix between both coursework and exams." (Jenna Phillips)

"Health and Social Care is a brilliant subject to choose at Carmel. Not only does it provide you with wider understanding of various health conditions and life challenges, and how they are treated, it goes into detail about how the individuals themselves would feel in this situation." (Philip Towey)

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