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Course Structure

UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Part 1: Learning Skills and Context
Students are encouraged to work collaboratively and individually in new and exciting areas, including Textiles, 3D, Film/Photography, Graphic Communication, Illustration and Fine Art. This part of the course is designed to broaden skills in different disciplines and to further knowledge of art practices both globally and locally.

Part 2: Development and Progression 
(Units 5 &6)
Students decide on the specialism area they wish to pursue and are able to choose from the following options:
Art (Fine Art, Photography and Fashion Photography)
Design (Textiles, Fashion, 3D Design, Architecture, Product Design, Costume and Theatre Design)
Communication (Illustration, Graphic Communication, Animation and Film/Video).

Within those specialist areas students work closely with tutors on project based assignments and build an extensive portfolio in preparation for University interviews and employment.

Part 3: Proposal and Realisation
A negotiated proposal is submitted for the final project, which forms the basis for the end of year show. The final project must integrate contextual perspective, research, problem solving, planning and organisation, evaluation and reflection, and practical, technical and presentational skills. It is moderated by an external examiner and an award of Pass, Merit or Distinction is given.

Projects are assessed and feedback is given regularly both verbally and in the form of written formal assessment. The final unit is moderated by an external examiner and an award of Pass, Merit or Distinction is given.
Further information can be found at http://www.arts.ac.uk/about-ual/awarding-body/qualifications/foundation-diploma-in-art-and-design/


Students are overseen by specialist tutors who oversee the pastoral and academic needs of each individual. Career sessions are designed to support the process of entering high education or employment. Students receive instruction on UCAS procedures; personal statements, University admissions and all students have the opportunities to participate in rigorous practice interviews.
Presentations from a range of Universities are arranged as well as a Specialism Festivals with talks from professional artists/ designers currently working in industry. Students attend the annual Art and Design UCAS event in Manchester and University open days.

Additional Qualifications
All students also complete the UAL Level 3 Drawing Qualification. This well recognised qualification provides students with an exciting and challenging experience, introducing them to the rigors and rewards of exploring and working within the most fundamental of creative activities. Further information can be found at http://www.arts.ac.uk/media/beta/beta-about-ual/beta-awarding-body/documents/Drawingv5Specification.pdf
It may also be possible to re-sit units from previous A Level courses.

Gallery visits
Annual visits to London and other European cities demonstrate the importance to all students to develop contextual knowledge by visiting exhibitions, screenings, galleries and installations. 

Stretch and Challenge
All students also have opportunities to participate in projects with Internationally recognized galleries such as the Bluecoat, FACT and the Saatchi. All students will have exhibitions and opportunities for work experience while on the course. There are also additional opportunities for students to participate in College life through charity events, a role as a foundation ambassador, student course representation and fundraising opportunities.