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BTEC Level 3 Travel & Tourism

BTEC Level 3 Travel & Tourism

BTEC National level 3 in Tourism (Certificate in the first year and then Subsidiary Diploma in the second year) is a highly respected and specialised work-related qualification recognised and applauded by the Tourism industry. It is the equivalent of 1 A level over the two years and is totally project / coursework based. The qualification starts with an introduction to the Tourism Industry and the organisations within it and progresses to a study of the UK as a Tourist destination. Students will participate in a work experience placement that will allow them to develop the skills and experience to support their applications to University, Apprenticeships and Employment. The practical nature of the course means students will develop presentation, communication, problem solving and team working skills that are essential in the world of work today.

The subject is aimed at students who are considering working in the Tourism Industry or students who have a love of travel and finding out more about the Tourism industry. Students must enjoy the demands a totally project / coursework based subject and have the ability and drive to meet deadlines.

Our results speak for themselves, we boast a 100% pass rate and our achievement rates are amongst the best in the country.

Students go on to study at degree or HND level or many pursue an Apprenticeship or job with the Tourism Industry. Jobs include Tourism Development Officers abroad, Teaching Travel and Tourism, Working in Airports and Aviation roles.

What our students say.....
"Travel and Tourism is really interesting and I also like the fact that it is so challenging. We are given lots of different tasks and projects which are all so varied; this has inspired me to work in the Travel and Tourism industry for my career." (Lucy Williams)

"I’m really enjoying the Travel & Tourism course. As well as being challenging, it is very interesting and the coursework we produce in the lesson is very enjoyable; I particularly enjoyed learning about the cities of Paris and New York in great detail." (Sean McClure)  

For the BTEC National Level 3 exam specification visit www.edexcel.com

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