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A Level Spanish

A Level Spanish

When you decide to study Spanish as one of your A-level subjects, you will simply be developing the skills you acquired during your GCSE course. You will continue to practise listening, reading, writing and speaking in your chosen language(s), but obviously to a higher level. Everything we offer is there to help you to succeed – from the state-of-the-art language laboratory to a wide range of resources, including lessons with friendly native speakers to help you become more confident speaking the language. Best of all you will find all the staff in the department friendly approachable and helpful. If you don’t believe us, just ask our students! Class sizes vary from year to year and language to language but may range from 8 to 16. Students should make full use of modern facilities to enhance their language skills, and also take the opportunity to visit the country!

What our students say
......"I feel I have become more confident in speaking independently due to attending the conversation class with a native Spanish speaker and this has also enhanced my communication skills."  (Ellie Malyon)

To download the course leaflet click here.

For AS/A2 Level GCE exam specification visit www.wjec.co.uk