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A Level Sociology

A Level Sociology

Are you interested in contemporary, modern Britain? Do you want to acquire knowledge and a critical understanding of the social world in which you live? Then choose Sociology – learn to develop your skills in organising and presenting information, ideas, descriptions and arguments.

The Sociology department at Carmel is a successful and lively one. We offer a range of teaching styles and learning experiences and aim to broaden your understanding of the social and political world around you, as well as enabling you to achieve exam success.

What our students say....." Sociology is a complete contrast to the other subjects which I study; it has really helped me develop a lot of different skills" (Joe Smith)

"Sociology is such a varied subject, from learning the skills needed to write an A grade essay, right down to knowing how families have changed over the years." (Megan Owen)


Click here to download the course leaflet.

For AS/A2 Level GCE exam specification visit www.aqa.org.uk