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A Level Physics

A Level Physics

Physics is a key part of science and technology and it appeals to those people who want to understand the world around them.  The course delivers physics in a stimulating manner whilst ensuring that the basics necessary for further study are covered.  Astrophysics, particle physics, quantum physics and technological applications such as medical physics are some of the areas that you will find particularly enjoyable. 

What our students say....."One of the best things about Carmel is that all the staff are friendly and willing to help if you have any problems. I like studying Physics A Level as it covers some interesting areas that I hadn’t looked at during GCSE, and there are lots of resources available to make sure you are on track and understand the content of the lessons." (Fiona Townsend)

Physics Resources:-
2 fully equipped laboratories including:

• equipment for class practical work
• equipment for individual research investigations
• data logging equipment for real time data capture
• lasers, microwave transmitters and receivers, spectrometers etc for wave/light experiments
• radioactive sources and detectors for radiation experiments
• oscilloscopes, electronics workstations, digital multimeters etc. for d.c. and a.c. circuits
• data projectors
• computer workstations, all students also have access to a computer suite

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