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A Level History

A Level History

History is a fascinating and challenging subject. You will be looking at massive changes and analysing why they happened. It is not just an account of the past but an investigation of why things happened the way they did. If you have an enquiring mind and enjoy argument this is the subject for you. Be a part of the thriving, lively and successful department and learn about events that have shaped the world you live in and the people and circumstances that shaped these events.

What our students say....."History is such an interesting subject and I really would recommend it to anyone. Due to its broad nature, it links to many subjects such as Law, Economics or Government & Politics." (Elliot Handler)

"What I like most about studying History is the interesting topics we cover, which have enabled me to gain a better insight into the problems and events of the past, that are similar to the problems we have today. " (Jessica Boyle)

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